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Our CCTV Cameras & Monitoring Services Secure estates & Sectional Title Schemes

Our advanced CCTV Camera and Monitoring solutions are specifically designed for Secure Estates, Sectional Title Schemes, and Gated Communities to protect your loved ones and secure your assets.

Protect and secure with ADVANCED CCTV Cameras & Monitoring ServicES

Perimeter Monitoring

Our cutting-edge CCTV camera technology employs perimeter line crossing to detect and prevent crime before it occurs. Our grid line technology employs analytics to detect the movement of people and vehicles in all weather conditions.

Live Monitoring
Our trained security personnel constantly monitor your premises for suspicious activity and potential threats.

Event-Based Monitoring
CCTV Technologies secures your property by utilising cutting-edge video analytics and advanced CCTV cameras. The utilisation of infrared cameras, analytic grid-lines and two-way audio cameras ensures threats are identified early and prevented.

Rapid Response
Our Rapid Response system alerts the control room to any threats. A perimeter map signals the location of the incident and alerts an on the ground patrol team who are able to investigate.

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Access Control

Access control monitors entry and exit points on a premises. It ensures that no unauthorised persons have access to any part of the property.

Electronic Tags and Biometrics
CCTV monitoring can be integrated into the access control system In this way entry and exit points can be remotely monitored from our control room and electronic tagging can be documented.

Facial Recognition
by identifying key features on a person’s face and granting them access based on this. This is an advanced method of restricting and controlling access to facilities that would otherwise require keys, key cards, or key fobs.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ANPR cameras use deep-learning technology to capture number plates and display areas on motor vehicles. The primary advantage is the ability to remotely open and close access points without manual assistance.

Security management

On the ground security teams can be supported and monitored using our cutting-edge CCTV Cameras with Advanced Video Analytic technology.

Onsite security is expensive and left unmanaged can be a real waste of money. With CCTV Technologies you will have no more sleeping on the Job!

Motion Tracking and Live Monitoring
Advanced video analytics can be used to track movement. Our camera technology actively monitors the movement and tracking of on-site security teams to ensure that all duties are carried out effectively and efficiently.

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CCTV Technologies cctv monitoring cctv control room
CCTV installation
CCTV installation
CCTV installation
CCTV installation

CCTV Technologies specialists oversee the installation process. Our team performs a thorough site assessment and site mapping. We offer a comprehensive CCTV camera and monitoring solution for effective security and immediate response.

Off-site Monitoring and Control

CCTV Technologies' cutting-edge control centre and comprehensive CCTV solution enable the seamless generation of reports, real-time alarm notifications, and management of all camera assets, including device health monitoring.

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CCTV camera Control Room
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CCTV camera control room

Why choose CCTV Technologies?

We’re in the business of protecting you. CCTV Technologies provides solutions for protecting your assets and reducing risk. Tailor-made solutions for all security needs. The benefits of using our services include:

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