Perimeter Monitoring Solutions

CCTV Technologies' perimeter monitoring solutions are your first line of defense against crime.

Perimeter Monitoring

CCTV camera solutions and perimeter monitoring technology prevent unwanted intrusions, as well as loss or damage to property. Analytic grid lines detect the movement of people and vehicles. When the grid line is crossed, an alert is sent to our control room for investigation. With the assistance of our technology, we are able to react quickly and prevent intrusion.

CCTV Technologies cctv monitoring cctv control room

Live PERIMETER Monitoring

We monitor your premises for suspicious behaviour and potential threats. Our innovative rotation method ensures nothing is overlooked.

Event-based PERIMETER Monitoring

Infrared cameras, analytic gridlines, and two-way audio cameras monitor events to ensure threats are detected quickly and avoided.

cctv monitoring from offsite cctv control room
A robbery breaking into a residential home.

Rapid Response

Our Control Room uses a Rapid Response system for our larger sites to ensure the security team on the ground level responds to alerts quickly. Our Rapid response system uses a perimeter map with icons of each camera. When a camera signals an alert, the icon on the perimeter map ‘lights up’ immediately signifying where the incident is taking place. The patrol team on the ground level can head straight to that point of the perimeter to deal with the threat.

Secure your premises with our advanced perimeter monitoring solutions

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