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CCTV Technologies allows you to manage your business remotely, streamline operations, increase staff productivity and secure your business assets with our state-of-the-art CCTV Cameras and Monitoring Services.

High-Tech CCTV Cameras and 24/7 Live Monitoring for your business!

Staff Monitoring

Streamline operations, increase staff productivity and optimise your business efficiency

Live monitoring & event-based monitoring
Our trained security personnel constantly monitor your premises for strange activity and potential threats. Video analytic grid lines detect movement. This technology allows for the tracking of how frequently employees leave their desks or use common area amenities. Our CCTV cameras also have two-way audio, allowing you to manage your staff completely remotely.

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Heat Mapping and People Counting

A vital asset for retail clients looking to gain deeper understanding of their stores performance.

Heat Mapping
Our CCTV cameras can detect heat dispersion using infrared and therefore can evaluate which areas of your store have the most people passing through. This can help understand if your store layout is optimised for a better customer journey.

People Counting
People counting technology helps calculate conversion ratios and average spend per client indicators. People counting technology can also identify potential bottlenecks and areas where visual cues or assistance is required. People counting also aids in health and safety by alerting you when the store’s capacity has been reached.

Queue Detection
Reduce queues and improve your customers’ overall shopping experience by using advanced video analytic gridlines that detect when groups of people form.

Stock Monitoring

Video Analytics can be used to monitor warehouse and in-store stocks!

Distribution accuracy & theft prevention

CCTV Technologies uses advanced camera technology to ensure stock is correctly dispatched and distributed to the correct location at the right time.

Grid line technology monitors the entry and exit points of storage facilities. Technicians in our control room can then observe and monitor any suspicious activity in the storeroom to ensure that stock is not hidden or removed.

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cctv monitoring
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Staff safety

Keep your team safe and feel secure. CCTV Technologies employs cutting-edge camera intelligence technology to provide the best surveillance services.

Our live and event-based perimeter monitoring, access control, and vehicle tracking, keeps your team safe and secure!

CCTV installation

CCTV Technologies specialists oversee the installation process. Our team performs a thorough site assessment and site mapping. We offer a comprehensive CCTV camera and monitoring solution for effective security and immediate response.

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Video Surveillance in sectional title schemes
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Off-site Monitoring and Control

CCTV Technologies' cutting-edge control centre and comprehensive CCTV solution enable the seamless generation of reports, real-time alarm notifications, and management of all camera assets, including device health monitoring.

Why choose CCTV Technologies?

We’re in the business of protecting you. CCTV Technologies provides solutions for protecting your assets and reducing risk. Tailor-made solutions for all security needs. The benefits of using our services include:

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