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Video Analytics: Surveillance In the Digital Age

Video Analytics (VA), also referred to as video content analytics, is a rapidly advancing field of software engineering proving to have revolutionary effects on many industries. VA uses advanced algorithms to examine video footage and render intelligent solutions therefrom. Find out more about how this breakthrough technology is preventing crime.

What Is Video Analytics?

Video analytics software examines video footage and is able to interpret the feed and initiate appropriate action. This may sound far-fetched but it is indeed a reality. For example, in the agricultural industry there is VA software able to examine footage and count individual oranges on a tree and even notify farmers when it’s time to pick the ripest fruit.

Video analytics uses advanced computational methods to extract complicated information from input footage – for example, it is able to isolate oranges on a tree if it’s been developed to do so.

What Can Video Analytics Detect?

In the context of security, video analytics is able to detect and monitor a variety of different events in many different contexts. The sophisticated algorithms have long since advanced beyond the rudimentary ability to simply detect movement… Now, VA is able to not only detect the shape of a person but to detect people attempting to move into restricted areas, as well as loitering. It can also detect objects left or removed from an area. What’s more is that it does all of this without blinking or tiring, 24 hours a day. 

Do Video Analytics Really Reduce False Alarms?

Advanced VA software has also been trained to detect common sources of false alarms. Animals, leaves, shadows, and vehicle lights were historically sources of false alarms. However, they are now identifiable and as such can be differentiated from truly significant events. That means, human activity is now identified and triggered with unprecedented accuracy – exceeding 90%. 

What Happens When Video Analytics Logs an Event?

As soon as the video analytics software detects a significant event, our highly trained surveillance staff are alerted and the live feed is expanded on their central display”, says CCTV Technologies Manager Marius Bezuidenhout. Once the live feed is viewed, surveillance staff are able to determine the appropriate course of action based on tightly streamlined procedures to prevent and/or contain any potentially criminal activity.

Video analytics is able to identify which events are significant from a security standpoint and which are not.

Can Video Analytics Improve My Security?

VA is a remarkable technology and will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of trained security personnel. That said, when it’s used in isolation without professionally selected, installed, or maintained equipment and without properly trained surveillance professionals – VA will not be the silver-bullet. A truly state-of-the-art surveillance solution will include VA, properly installed and maintained equipment, as well as an off-site monitoring control room.

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