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Effectively manage your business. Increase safety, reduce risk, optimise your staff through the use of our advanced CCTV Cameras and Video Analytics solutions.

Our Advanced Video Solutions

Heat Mapping

With our Heat-Mapping Technology, you can see colour-coded maps showcasing the amount of time spent in specific areas. Upon analysis it reveals both hot spots and dead zones giving decision makers more accurate information around high-traffic areas.

People Counting

Using CCTV Technologies advanced cameras you can calculate the number of customers who enter your business and use this information to improve business operations in a number of ways. For example, management can match staff numbers to the demand at certain times. This will improve customer satisfaction while also reducing operation costs during quieter times. CCTV Technologies People Counting Cameras embed deep learning algorithms, and use 3D imaging to distinguish people from other objects - resulting in extremely high accuracy.

Queue Detection

CCTV Technologies Queue Detection uses Advanced Video Analytics to determine the number of people in a line. Set up a predetermined queue threshold and receive alerts when the threshold has exceeded. This allows management the opportunity to respond with a service solution to negate the growing queues.

Risk Prevention

Using our advanced camera technology you can reduce risk and limit liabilities by identifying high-risk locations, individuals and processes within your business.

Off-Site Monitoring and Control Room

CCTV Technologies state-of-the-art control room, and comprehensive CCTV camera solutions will ensure easy integration and connection of all your camera solutions into one secure and off-site monitoring space.

We offer advanced CCTV Camera solutions to the following industries

We understand that no business is the same and that is why our services and solutions can be tailored to suit the needs of any industry.

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Retail Spaces
Banking Sector
Corporate Offices & Buildings
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Healthcare & Medical Industry
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Industrial & Commercial Parks


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CCTV Technologies - Q&A's

Yes, a stable and high-speed fibre connection allows for the opportunity to transfer data between the cameras and control center with ease. It is recommended that you get in touch with a local ISP like Faircom Fibre for high-speed fibre installation.

Business owners can use analytics to figure out how many people are entering and exiting the property at any given time. Monitoring the establishment’s traffic flow and patterns is critical to operations, enabling for improved planning of staffing and business layouts.

Employee behavior can also be analyzed via video analytics. This can reveal places where additional training or a policy change is required.

Employee theft is one of the most serious problems that managers encounter in the restaurant and retail industries. To observe sale and payment data in one location, combine your point-of-sale (POS) and video surveillance systems. Owners and operators can quickly and easily search transactions and examine the video associated with such transactions, making investigations into questionable activities more efficient.

The Intelligent Surveillance System has received growing attention due to the increasing demand on security and safety. Intelligent surveillance systems are able to automatically analyze images, videos, audio or other types of surveillance data with or without human intervention.

Smart cameras record individuals leaving and entering your store in real-time. Knowing how many people are currently in your store during specific times can help you manage your internal resources, while also managing customer expectations and minimizing any theft, loss or damage to your store and stock.

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