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Types of CCTV Surveillance

There are many different types of CCTV surveillance. Each with their own distinct benefits and potential drawbacks. Deciding on which type of CCTV camera surveillance is right for your residential estate, office space, industrial complex, or even healthcare facility is important. Read on to find out the most vital information you need to know when choosing a solution. 

Live Monitoring

Live monitoring is a type of CCTV monitoring which is “always on”. This is the traditional form of security surveillance most are already familiar with. It evokes an image of security personnel sitting in front of a number of video displays monitoring uninterrupted camera feeds. While it may seem outdated, it still has very practical and effective applications. Live monitoring is highly effective in office environments and industrial settings where it serves to promote proper staff conduct and serves as a deterrent to theft or improper behaviour.

cctv technologies

Live monitoring is an effective means of promoting proper staff conduct and reducing incidences of theft. 

Black Screen Monitoring

Black screen monitoring, sometimes referred to as events-based monitoring, incorporates other technologies to enhance surveillance efficacy. This type of CCTV surveillance is distinct from live monitoring in that video feeds are not constantly live. A particular video feed is only displayed to the trained surveillance staff when one or more triggers are activated. These triggers include electric fencing, infrared motion detectors, and AI-based video analytics. 

On-Site Monitoring

On-site monitoring is a type of CCTV surveillance where the staff assigned to monitor the video feeds are present at the location. An example of on-site surveillance many Capetonians will be familiar with is the boomed access control at a gated community. These high-end residential complexes often utilize live screen, on-site surveillance to ensure they don’t miss any blindspots during the admittance process. 

On-site monitoring is a type of CCTV surveillance often used at access control points like vehicle boom gates.

Off-Site Monitoring

Technological advancements in the form of internet protocols and wireless communications have made off-site monitoring a real possibility. There are many advantages to this form of security. Off-site monitoring allows business park, residential estate, and healthcare facilities to reduce the security staff complement required on-site. When coupled with advanced black screen technologies, the overall improvement in efficiency translates into reduced monthly costs and staff overheads. 

What is the Best Type of CCTV Surveillance?

These types of security CCTV surveillance each have distinct advantages and are best suited to particular use case scenarios. However, deciding on which combination to use should ideally be discussed with professionals trained in evaluating security threats, needs, vulnerabilities and how to best minimize risk. In almost all real world scenarios, a number of different combinations of the above are used to properly enhance security.

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