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Advanced CCTV Cameras & Monitoring Solutions for increased security

Our CCTV Cameras and Monitoring Solutions prevent crime, keeping you, your loved ones and your assets safe.

Our Smart Security & Surveillance CCTV Solutions

Perimeter Security & Surveillance
We offer Live and Event-based Surveillance and Perimeter Monitoring solutions using the latest in Advanced Video Analytics.

CCTV Technologies offers a state-of-the-art solution using advanced camera equipment that use modern algorithms and analytics.

Our CCTV Cameras detect intruders during inclement weather conditions like heavy rains, snow, fog and more.

Access Control & Facial Recognition

The latest in Access Control Technology including; Facial Recognition, Queue Detection, Vehicle Monitoring and more.

CCTV Technologies Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are accurate, reliable and use deep-learning technology to capture number plates of all shapes, sizes and display areas on a motor vehicle. Our ANPR solutions offer:

  • Extremely high accuracy and non-stop vehicle flow monitoring.
  • Automated alarm-triggering for blacklisted license plates.

    Electric Fence Monitoring

    Electric Fence Monitoring is your first line of defense and is a key element of any physical security system no matter where your residential, business or commercial location.

    We provide the best possible solutions to prevent intrusions and deter potential intruders. We use the latest technology in "grid-line" video analytics and 2-way audio cameras to ensure potential threats are identified early and stopped immediately.

    cctv technologies CCTV Camera

    On-Site Security Management

    Manage your security team on the ground level using our innovative video analytic solutions.
    We use the very best camera technology to help you manage your team on-site using movement tracking and fatigue monitoring.

    Optimize performance and improve incident management with CCTV Technologies.

    Full Installation and Equipment Management

    CCTV Technologies team of specialized technicians take care of the full installation process from start to finish.

    Our team perform a complete site mapping and provide an overall and wholistic solution for your CCTV camera installation.
    cctv technologies

    Off-Site Monitoring and Control Room

    CCTV Technology's state-of-the-art Control Room and comprehensive CCTV Monitoring Solutions allows for seamless generation of reports, real-time alarm notifications and on the ground security team management, plus device health monitoring of all CCTV camera assets.

    We offer advanced CCTV solutions to the following industries

    As no business is the same, we want to reassure you that our services can be tailored to suit the needs of any of the below industries.

    Corporate Offices & Buildings
    CCTV Technologies
    Industrial & Commercial Parks
    CCTV Technologies
    Healthcare & Medical Facilities
    cctv technologies cctv monitoring for secure estates
    Retail Spaces
    Banking Sector

    Why Choose CCTV Technologies for your Surveillance & Security Needs?

    At CCT Technologies we provide security solutions that will maximise protection and minimize risk. We offer tailor-made solutions to accommodate all your security needs because our business is to protect your business. The benefits of using our services include:


    Download our brochure for a full scope on all our offerings with real life case studies.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Video Analytics and CCTV Technologies Business Management Tools

    Yes, a stable and high-speed fibre connection allows for the opportunity to transfer data between the cameras and control center with ease. It is recommended getting in touch with a local ISP like Faircom Fibre for high-speed fibre installation

    CCTV Technologies partners with trusted armed response and other security groups in each area we protect and serve. This allows us to notify and coordinate with the appropriate law enforcement and armed response units in the event of a breach of security.

    As one of South Africa’s most trusted CCTV providers, we strive to assist all our customers. If you have a security issue that you’d like resolved, contact us.

    As an additional deterrent to intruders, we place high visibility signage at key location on the properties we monitor. This is more than just signage to showcase our service, but it is an initial deterrent for potential intruders to warn them that this property is protected and monitored by CCTV Technologies.

    We work with any of the appropriate armed response units in your areas. Some of the private security companies we coordinate with are ADT, CHUBB, Fidelity and Securitas.

    Yes, CCTV Cameras are an effective deterrent against burglars and intruders. This is especially true of cases where suspects are aware of the fact that they are being recorded and monitored. Highly visible signage indicating that an area is under surveillance can help. Our 24/7  Control Room can monitor your cameras and respond before a criminal act occurs.

    The technological landscape is an ever changing environment and that is why we stay up-to-date with the latest in CCTV Cameras and Monitoring technology to make sure our clients are safe and protected 24/7. You can be rest assured that the brands we use are the best security products on the market to-date.

    Properly installed CCTV systems that utilize quality hardware do not require frequent maintenance. Surveillance hardware that is exposed to the elements (outdoors) or is in a dusty environment like a car park should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Our team of Experts regularly run maintenance tests on all our equipment to make sure that your assets are always protected and that your security equipment is performing at its best.

    All recorded footage is available for your viewing for a period of no less than 5 days (can be increased upon request) unless it has been earmarked as evidence. You can easily access your footage using the Hik-Connect mobile app (HIKVISION) on Android or Apple or desktop software that is readily available.

    Advanced Video Analytics is a type of AI-powered software that uses advanced algorithms to interpret visual data. It interprets surveillance footage in real-time to detect suspicious behavior and notifies monitoring staff to investigate further and act immediately.

    AI-based Video Analytics boosts camera security by improving CCTV monitoring efficiency. Video Analytics serve as the first line of defense when it comes to detecting suspicious behavior. It reduces false alarms, improves detection accuracy, and speeds up response time.

    Securing the perimeter of a property, such as a complex or gated community, involves a physical barrier such as a wall or fence. These barriers can be easily breached or scaled by intruders. Additional countermeasures such as electric fencing, lighting, and cameras can help to ensure your continued safety.

    Perimeter security camera networks include different types of cameras and lens types. These cameras and lens types are selected specifically for the scenario to provide comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive security camera network for a property perimeter includes pan & tilt cameras, dome cameras, and infrared cameras.

    Healthcare facilities are required to have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to manage patient safety. Surveillance cameras help to deter staff misconduct and protect access-restricted areas such as those holding medicines. Additionally, special training and procedures must be in place with your chosen off-site surveillance service provider to ensure proper patient confidentiality is maintained.

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