Improve staff productivity and manage performance with Staff Monitoring CCTV Camera technology.


Manage your security team on the ground level using our innovative video analytics and staff monitoring technology.

On-site security is costly and, if left unmanaged, can become a liability. CCTV Technologies can help you avoid this.

security guard staff monitoring

Security Staff Monitoring

Motion tracking
Video Analytics track the movements of on-site security personnel, ensuring perimeter checks are conducted and patrol schedule is adhered to. If a security guard is in a seated position, without moving for an extended period of time, our control room receives an alert and we can contact the security guard on duty directly by means of our two-way-audio CCTV cameras.

Live monitoring
We use the very best camera technology to help you manage your team on-site. We actively monitor staff fatigue and intervene via radio and telephonic communication. We also offer further support to the teams on the ground level by informing security guards onsite of potential threats and suspicious activity.

Medical Staff Monitoring and support

CCTV Technologies assists your nursing team in providing the best possible patient care for quicker recovery times and happier patients.

Motion tracking
Monitor your nursing team to ensure rounds are completed timeously and regularly. 

Live monitoring
Live monitoring ensures duty stations are occupied, avoiding needless loitering. We actively monitor staff fatigue and intervene via radio and telephonic communication.

cctv staff monitoring

Where Can CCTV Technologies Help?

CCTV Technologies uses advanced video analytics for surveillance & security, healthcare support and business efficiency including retail operations.

Industrial & Commercial Parks

Health Care & Medical Industry​

Corporate Offices & Buildings

Retail Spaces

Educational Institutes

Banking Sector

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