Solar & Backup Power Solutions

Ensure uninterrupted security for your CCTV systems during power outages


We prioritise the safety and security of your property. That's why we've partnered with Inpower Energy to offer specialised solar and backup power solutions designed specifically for CCTV security systems. With our focus on uninterrupted surveillance, you can rest assured that your property remains protected, even during power outages.

Uninterrupted Security During Load Shedding

During load shedding events, traditional power sources may fail, leaving your property vulnerable to security breaches. However, with Backup Power Systems, your CCTV surveillance remains active, offering uninterrupted security coverage despite power disruptions. Protect your assets and deter potential threats with reliable backup power solutions tailored for security needs.

Inpower Energy

At CCTV Technologies, we're proud to partner with Inpower Energy to offer innovative solar and backup power solutions that empower homes and businesses. Inpower Energy specialises in delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions tailored to your needs, providing a seamless transition to renewable energy sources and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Ensure your property remains protected at all times

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