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Remote CCTV Monitoring for Businesses

Off-site or remote CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective and reliable solution for businesses to keep their premises and staff secure. 

CCTV Technologies’ control room operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and uses the latest surveillance technology to remotely monitor the entire perimeter and areas of the business where there is camera coverage. Traditional security guards can only monitor areas that they patrol, leaving other areas vulnerable when they are not physically there. By using event-based analytics, our highly-trained control room personnel monitor multiple locations simultaneously and intervene when necessary, alerting on-site security or the authorities to a threat, minimizing the risk of harm to employees or property.

Cost Saving and Reducing Human Error

With our remote CCTV monitoring service, businesses can save money by reducing the need for physical security personnel. The cost of employing guards, training them, and providing equipment and benefits can add up quickly. In addition, guards may be prone to human error, which can leave businesses vulnerable to security breaches. Our control room security personnel are rotated every 15 minutes to ensure they are kept alert and can rapidly respond to any incidents.


CCTV cameras act as a deterrent to potential threats, making them less likely to target a business if they know the business is being live monitored 24/7.

Incident investigation

CCTV footage can be used to investigate incidents such as accidents, thefts, and other criminal activity, helping to identify suspects and provide evidence for prosecution.

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