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Perimeter Security: Live and Event-based CCTV

Perimeter security (Live and Event-based CCTV) is one of the most important aspects of any security system. This means protecting the outer perimeter of your property from unauthorised entry.
As a landlord or property manager, this also adds value to your tenants!

One common way to achieve perimeter security is through the use of CCTV security systems. CCTV can be used in live mode, or as an event-based monitoring system

Live Monitoring Perimeter Security

Live CCTV is typically used to monitor activity on the property at any given time. It’s used when people are away to make sure that their property is safe and to deter criminals from attempting a break-in. It can also monitor for health and safety reasons, for, example, preventing car park accidents or deploying maintenance teams.

Live monitoring CCTV is effective in deterring trespassing, theft and inappropriate behaviour. It is highly effective in monitoring the process of gaining access to premises and can promote quick response times when monitoring key ‘vulnerable’ areas. Live monitoring, however, falls short when being used in areas with high people density or for perimeters with multiple vulnerabilities.

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Event-based monitoring Perimeter Security

Event-based monitoring often referred to as black screen monitoring, uses video analytics to increase the efficiency and overall performance of security systems. 

Unlike live monitoring CCTV feeds, event-based feeds are not constantly live and are only displayed to surveillance staff when ‘triggered’. 

These triggers include electric fence monitoring, infrared motion detectors, and AI-based video analytics.

Key Benefit of Event-based monitoring

The key benefit to using video analytics as part of your perimeter security is that you can save costs on your onsite security presence without compromising the safety of the premises.

Event-based monitoring uses fewer human resources and video analytics detects threats early. You can secure larger areas with more vulnerabilities and can monitor the behaviour of areas with high people density.

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