cctv technologies CCTV Camera


cctv technologies CCTV Camera

On-site Security Monitoring: No more sleeping on the job!

On-site Security Monitoring

On-site Security Monitoring assists security companies, property managers and property owners to manage their security team on the ground level using our innovative video analytic strategies.

Having on-site security presents multiple security solutions, but comes with its own unique set of issues, particularly when managing performance and accuracy when executing duties.

CCTV Technologies uses the most advanced video analytics to help manage and monitor your on-site security team.

As the private security industry grows, the need for effective onsite security management tools will grow with it and CCTV Technologies is leading the way in using live and event-based monitoring strategies.

Monitoring using Motion tracking

Motion tracking or event-based monitoring uses video analytics to increase the efficiency and overall performance of security systems.

Unlike live monitoring CCTV feeds, event-based feeds use video analytic gridlines that ‘trigger’ when detecting motion.

This CCTV technology is best suited for monitoring and managing your onsite security to ensure that patrols are conducted regularly and according to schedule.
Even more importantly, event-based monitoring using analytic grid lines can be used to ensure that the onsite security is patrolling effectively and actively investigating key points on your premises.

Live Monitoring

We use the very best camera technology to help you manage your team on-site. We actively monitor staff fatigue and intervene via radio and telephonic communication.
No more sleeping on the job! The biggest challenge in managing your security staff will involve keeping them awake and alert.
With live monitoring systems in place and the latest CCTV technology, you are able to intervene when security staff are neglecting their post or taking a nap.

On-site Security Monitoring

The Benefits of Monitoring Your Security Team

Hiring an onsite security team or service is costly. It has fast become one of the most lucrative businesses in South Africa and therefore needs to be monitored closely to ensure that you get your monies worth.

With CCTV Technologies you can not only increase the performance of your on-site security team but you can potentially save money by using video analytics.

Video analytics detects threats early and can monitor much larger areas compared to a single security guard. By utilising CCTV technology you can integrate your onsite security and in doing so afford to have less security onsite, which ultimately saves you money

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