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Off-Site Camera Monitoring (4 Essential Benefits)

What Is Off-Site Camera Monitoring?

Off-site camera monitoring (often referred to as “off-site CCTV” and “remote surveillance”) is a type of surveillance where the personnel monitoring CCTV footage perform their duty at a separate location. This is different from traditional CCTV where camera control rooms are monitored at the location being guarded.

CCTV camera control room

Off-site camera monitoring staff are always alert because they rotate stations every 15 minutes.

Benefits of Off-Site Camera Monitoring

Integrity of video recordings

Off-site camera monitoring means that video footage is also stored off-site. This means that intruders will not be able to tamper with, or destroy recordings.

Always alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Off-site camera monitoring personnel are unaffected by office or business park closing times and can operate at all times.

Prevents collusion

Off-site control rooms allow for the appropriate separation of security personnel from office or factory workers. Thanks to this separation, the security personnel and the on site staff cannot collude on any criminal activity. 

Specialised experts

Due to the ever evolving nature of criminality, security innovations need to stay at the cutting edge. The personnel who manage off-site camera monitoring control rooms are specialised industry professionals. They are able to adapt and constantly improve security measures.

On-Site Fail-Safe

For vulnerable security locations such as access control points which may be compromised by criminals or by accidents, off-site camera monitoring serves as a back up. This ensures that camera feeds are constantly monitored no matter what scenario unfolds.

Important to note is that the above list is purely related to the benefits of off-site camera monitoring. Find out more about the benefits of CCTV in general here.

cctv monitoring

Off-site camera monitoring serves as a backup fail-safe for on-site surveillance stations.

What Are the Different Types of Off-Site Camera Monitoring?

There are two main types of off-site camera monitoring and both have their own advantages over and above the benefits already described. The two main types are event-based monitoring and live screen monitoring.

Event-Based Off-Site Camera Monitoring

Event-based monitoring incorporates AI driven video analytics (as well as electric fencing in the case of a double knock system). Personnel are alerted to live footage once the advanced analytics software detects a threat. The analytics software is able to detect loitering, objects left or removed, and when people approach perimeter fencing or walls. The advantage of this type of monitoring is that personnel remain fresh and alert at all times. It also helps to reduce false alarms, and increases accuracy of detection.

Live-Screen Off-Site Camera Monitoring

Sometimes called “real-time monitoring”, this type of remote surveillance is best used for specific target locations where threat incidence is high or that require constant monitoring. The types of locations which can benefit from live-screen monitoring include paypoints like cash registers, pharmaceutical counters at healthcare centres, or in scenarios where staff routinely handle valuables.

Which Is the Best Type of Off-Site Camera Monitoring?

Each type of off-site camera monitoring is better suited to specific situations. To find out which type or combination of monitoring would best protect your unique environment, it’s always advisable to contact experts in the CCTV field who are experienced in off-site monitoring and surveillance technologies. 

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