Incident Reporting Solutions

Stay ahead of security threats and safeguard your premises with our integrated incident reporting solution

Ensuring Security with Swift Vigilance

We recognise the paramount importance of vigilance and swift action in upholding the safety and security of your premises. Our Incident Reporting solution, seamlessly integrated with our systems, is crafted to grant you peace of mind by swiftly identifying and resolving potential security breaches.

Protocol Establishment

Defining Incident Parameters

Our meticulously designed protocols set forth clear parameters for identifying incidents within the scope of our advanced video analytic cameras. Collaborating closely with you, we tailor these parameters to your unique requirements, ensuring our cameras efficiently detect any irregularities or suspicious activities. This includes specifying the types of incidents to report and identifying the individuals to be promptly notified of any security concerns.

cctv monitoring from offsite cctv control room


Rapid and Personalised Alerts

Effective communication forms the cornerstone of Incident Reporting. Whether through the body corporate WhatsApp group, direct calls, or any other preferred communication channel, we ensure that incident reports are promptly shared with relevant stakeholders. Our adaptable approach allows us to customise communication methods to your preferences, ensuring you receive alerts in the most convenient and effective manner.

Chase Reports

Streamlined Response Coordination

Upon receiving an incident report, our system ensures swift dispatch of chase reports to designated groups responsible for reviewing and addressing various incident types. For instance, perimeter breaches may be directed to the onsite security guard or trustees for immediate action, facilitating prompt response and resolution.

Take control of your security incidents

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