We provide healthcare facilities and nursing staff with the necessary tools for patient management and immediate healthcare support.

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Advanced video monitoring for immediate healthcare support.

Fall detection and prevention
We use a customised healthcare support solution to monitor patients undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation to ensure their safety. This technology has been particularly important in eldercare, frail care and health facilities. By detecting specific movements, our advanced camera technology can detect if a patient has or is at risk of falling.

Individualised care
CCTV Technologies installs an onsite duty station which is monitored 24/7 by trained medical professionals. The focus of the system is to enable quick responses to our patients, preventing injury and aiding in recovery. This improves patients’ individual care without compromising their privacy.

Risk prevention
Our video surveillance analytics can monitor fire escapes, stairwells and emergency exits to limit risk and maximise patient safety. The video analytics use grid lines which, when crossed, send an alarm to our control room for investigation. This is particularly useful when monitoring entrances and exits to restricted areas.

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Senior patient gets up from the hospital bed by helping himself with a special handle
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CCTV Technologies assists your nursing team in providing the best possible patient care, resulting in faster recovery times and happier patients.

Live Monitoring & Motion tracking
CCTV Technologies’ surveillance technology enables easy remote management of medical teams. Nursing teams can be monitored to ensure medical rounds are completed timely and regularly.

Dispensary Monitoring

Video Analytics can be used to monitor medical dispensaries!

Distribution accuracy
Our advanced video analytics are used to monitor medical equipment and the dispensing of medication. With the assistance of grid line technology, the CCTV Technologies control room observes and monitors any suspicious activity, ensuring any mistakes can be assessed in order to make further improvements.

Theft Prevention
Protect your medical dispensary with the latest video analytics. We prevent the theft of medical supplies and products. By monitoring your dispensaries we are able to determine when medicine or medical equipment has been removed without consent. We can also use analytic gridlines to alert our off-site monitoring team whenever anyone enters a dispensary or storeroom. 

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CCTV camera Control Room
CCTV Technologies cctv monitoring cctv control room
cctv technologies cctv camera control room

Off-site monitoring

CCTV Technologies state-of-the-art control centre, live monitors the on-site performance of duty stations and health care staff. We actively communicate with duty stations and monitor active staff areas. We collaborate with department heads to ensure that reporting and corrective actions are followed.


Keep your team safe and help them feel feel secure. CCTV Technologies employs cutting-edge camera intelligence technology to provide the best surveillance services. Our live and event-based perimeter monitoring, access control, and vehicle tracking, ensures your teams' protection.

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CCTV installation
CCTV installation
CCTV installation

CCTV Technologies specialists oversee the installation process. Our team performs a thorough site assessment and site mapping. We offer a comprehensive CCTV camera and monitoring solution for effective security and immediate response.

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We’re in the business of protecting you. CCTV Technologies provides solutions for protecting your assets and reducing risk. Tailor-made solutions for all security needs. The benefits of using our services include:

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