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Event-based CCTV monitoring in South Africa’s leading control room

Enhancing security with event-based CCTV monitoring in today’s fast-paced world is more important than ever.  Concerns about security have increased, and with crime rates on the rise, businesses and individuals alike are seeking advanced solutions to protect their assets and loved ones. With its 24/7 event-based remote monitoring services, CCTV Technologies’ control room revolutionizes the security landscape in South Africa.

At the core of CCTV Technologies’ success lies our industry-leading control room, serving as the nerve centre for surveillance and security operations. Equipped with the latest in CCTV technology and manned 24/7 by security experts, our control room ensures an unrivaled level of protection and peace of mind for clients in any location. Our remote surveillance staff are rotated every 15 minutes to ensure they are kept alert and their reaction time is as fast as possible.

What is event-based monitoring?

In event-based monitoring, the surveillance system is set up to detect and respond to predefined events or alarms. These events can be anything from motion detection in a restricted area, the triggering of an electric fence, breaching a perimeter, the opening of a door, or any other event that may require attention. Using this sophisticated analytics software, our remote monitoring personnel can quickly detect abnormal activity and launch a fast response protocol. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats are swiftly addressed. CCTV Technologies’ robust infrastructure network guarantees seamless communication and coordination between the remote monitoring team and the on-ground security personnel. 

A sophisticated security system with CCTV Technologies guarantees that your home or business is remotely monitored 24/7. This unmatched level of security enables swift response and peace of mind. A proactive approach to security and protection sets us apart from the competition. 

Enhancing security and safeguarding what matters most, is what we at CCTV Technologies’ care about. Our control room is undeniably the best choice for individuals and businesses seeking optimal protection in South Africa. By reducing the need for multiple on-site security staff, we optimise resources, minimize security costs and improve your overall security.

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