Electric Fencing Solutions

Safeguard your property with electric fencing systems tailored for comprehensive security.

Protect your property with electric fencing solutions

Don't leave the security of your property to chance. By installing electric fencing, you can deter potential intruders and ensure immediate notification is sent if the fence is triggered.

Various Electric Fencing Applications

There are diverse applications for Electric Fencing Solutions, offering effective measures for safety and control across various sectors. From safeguarding agricultural lands to managing wildlife and ensuring perimeter security, electric fencing offers reliable protection with minimal risks.


Non-lethal electric fences serve as perimeter security barriers, equipped with alarm systems to detect tampering and provide timely alerts to owners or control rooms.


Offers efficient livestock enclosures with quick installation and cost-effectiveness. It minimizes animal injuries while ensuring reliable containment within designated areas.

Wild Animals

Electric fencing deters wild animals from sensitive areas like airports and farmlands, minimising conflicts and ensuring safety for all

Comprehensive Security Solutions

We offer comprehensive security solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Enhance the safety and security of your home or business. With personalised service and guaranteed workmanship, we provide peace of mind for all your electric fencing needs in Cape Town.




Perimeter Monitoring

We provide comprehensive perimeter monitoring solutions incorporating advanced CCTV camera technology to safeguard your premises against unauthorised access and potential threats.

Protect your property with advanced perimeter security

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