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Crime Statistics in Cape Town – How CCTV Technologies can keep you safe.


How CCTV Technologies can help prevent crime

Over the last year, in South Africa, the crime rate has increased. In 2020, South Africa’s crime rate was reported to be 33.46%. The most frequent crime experienced by South African households is housebreaking, with more than 983 000 households affected by these incidents in  2021/22. Over the last year, break-ins at residential and non-residential premises also increased. Burglary at non-residential properties increased by 18.2% nationally. 

In Cape Town, burglaries at non-residential properties have increased despite a year-over-year decline in property crime. These crimes have necessitated the need for an advanced security system. Contact CCTV Technologies about security solutions for you.

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Out of Control Crime

In recent years, the Western Cape and Cape Town have been labelled as one of South Africa’s most dangerous provinces and cities. Contact-related crimes are a result of this.


In the CBD alone, the crime rate has risen to 49.8%, a staggering increase in an area where people from all walks of life gather. Break-ins at commercial properties are the primary type of crime committed in the city centre. Criminals have profited from the increase in load shedding, which results in a reduction in security, knowing that the chance of a successful robbery is higher at a commercial property.  There can be no doubt that crime in our city is out of control, and despite their best efforts, law enforcement and provincial police are having little to no success in decreasing the crime rate.


In the Western Cape, criminal activity in 2022 has been varied. Taxi violence, kidnappings, and attacks on government property have all been major headline crimes. Statistics provided by the South African Police Service has shown a 64% decrease in the property crime rate in Cape Town in 2022. This positive statistic can be attributed to an increase in visible surveillance technology in and around the city. Neighbourhood watches and Central Improvement District security in different suburbs have invested greatly in surveillance technology that prevents and deters crime in key hotspot areas. Protecting ourselves with the best advanced camera technology available should be a top priority. At CCTV Technologies, we help you understand how CCTV camera technology can be an asset to you, your family, and your residential and commercial assets.


The advanced capabilities of CCTV camera technology for commercial and residential properties offer, above all else, peace of mind. The best investment you can make for your future and the future of your property is to choose a smart, safe, and secure security system with CCTV Technologies that takes into account you and your needs. 


Contact a CCTV Technologies Specialist to find out more about surveillance technology for your property—residential, commercial, or industrial.


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The best CCTV solution in Cape Town can help produce all of the benefits described above. CCTV security is a vital means of crime prevention and has remarkable benefits in the workplace as well. CCT Technologies is able to install and monitor CCTV cameras perfectly suited to security complexes, industrial parks, and office buildings.

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