We don't only protect and serve our communiTIES, we get involved IN THEM

The intel we collect from our community involvement gives us deeper insight into crime trends and criminal activity within each area we serve. This additional data allows us to predict criminal activity and prevent crime. Making communities safer.


CCTV Technologies is a fast growing surveillance monitoring company, which is pioneering the way in CCTV Installations and Monitoring services for Commercial and Residential property owners in the Western Cape.

We believe in being proactive with your safety and preventing crime, not just stopping it. That is why our technology is designed to predetermine nefarious activity, so that we can monitor, detect and prevent any unwanted intrusions or loss/damage to your property, giving South Africans their safety back, through the implementation and monitoring of our state-of-the-art CCTV Cameras and Monitoring Solutions.

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CCTV Technologies is committed to making the Western Cape a safer place for all communities. Our team of CCTV Experts regularly meet with Neighbourhood Watches and Community Groups in order to obtain important information relating to crime stats and trends within the areas we service. We use this information to educate our clients and communities on everything they need to know regarding the activities taking place in their locations. This information allows our clients to stay proactive in keeping their communities safe. Our CCTV Cameras and Monitoring Solutions span across the Western Cape. We protect areas such as Claremont, Woodstock, Tokai, Kirstenhoff, Noordhoek, Muizenberg and Somerset West, just to name a few.


CCTV Technologies also partners with Police Forums, Improvement District Companies and Armed Response Teams to strengthen the support we offer the areas we monitor and protect.

By engaging with the local authorities, our team of highly trained CCTV Experts are able to use this information to be more proactive in the approach they take when monitoring and protecting our clients assets from any unwanted intrusions. This allows us to stay true to our promise of making communities safer for all.

cctv monitoring from offsite cctv control room
A robbery breaking into a residential home.


If you are a Local Community Forum or a Neighbourhood Watch Group that would like to be more informed with the latest statistics in crime, get in touch and lets see how we can help you keep your communities safe.

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