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CCTV Surveillance in Healthcare

How Video Analytics supports the Healthcare Industry

CCTV surveillance is being used in extraordinary ways in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.
CCTV Technologies is leading the way in implementing this exciting Camera Technology!

CCTV Technologies  recently completed another innovative project for a Healthcare Centre in Cape Town

The Problem

A reputable Healthcare Facility in Cape Town was experiencing issues with unauthorised access and staff accountability. This resulted in poor Patient care, recovery and management.

They had a standardised and inadequate system in place, but what they really needed was a Video Analytics solution.

Cam-Tech provides healthcare support using CCTV Surveillance and video analytics

How CCTV Surveillance ASSIsTED

The CCTV Technologies team of trained specialists assessed the site and identified the following arrears for improvement:

  • Inadequate access control to offices and clinic after hours
  • Lack of monitoring of common area activity
  • Elderly patients at risk for falling out of bed
  • Staff not always present at duty stations
cctv monitoring

A full CCTV Surveillance solution was created by our CCTV Technologies engineers and implemented with the installation of the latest Video Analytic Technology.

Our Solution included the following proactive steps:

  • The latest technology in access control
  • Heat mapping for staff activity monitoring
  • Internal camera with Video Analytic grid lines for fall detection
  • In-House Control Room for Nurses to use to monitor and care for patients
CCTV Surveillance benefits Healthcare and hospitals

CCTV Surveillance Benefits Healthcare Facilities

The Healthcare Facility saw an immediate improvement in staff management and patient care. Our CCTV Surveillance solution continues to improve the Healthcare Facility’s safety and performance.

The Healthcare Facility experienced a considerable decrease in unauthorised access, elderly patients falling and patient neglect.

The CCTV Technologies  Team continues to monitor the premises and perimeter with its state-of-the-art Control Room, which uses a revelatory rotation system.
The Rotation system ensures that the highly trained CCTV Technologies Staff can identify and respond to events or situations quickly and efficiently.  

CCTV Technologies continues to use Video Analytics to monitor the Healthcare Facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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