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CCTV Security for Secure Estates

Advanced Camera Technology Solutions

CCTV security is being used to great effect at secure estates around Cape Town. CCTV Technologies is leading the way in implementing this exciting Camera Technology!

Secure lifestyle estates have shown huge success in Cape Town and elsewhere in combating and preventing crime.

Home robbery (a break-in while people are at home), and burglary (a break-in while people are not at home) are both, frighteningly and sadly, common occurrences in all provinces.

The Customer's Problem

A secure estate in Cape Town was experiencing issues with unauthorised vehicle access and loitering. This was having an increasingly negative effect on the residents and the perceived value of the property.

The Body Corporate contacted CCTV Technologies and our team of trained security specialists for an urgent solution.

CCTV Technologies went to the site and engaged with the customer to find out just where the security vulnerabilities were. Through discussion with the customer, the CCTV Technologies team were able to personalise the solution tailored to our new partner in crime prevention. With this CCTV Technologies  brought the Estate in as a family and made it our own.

CCTV surveillance access control

Our CCTV Security Solution

The CCTV Technologies team of trained CCTV surveillance specialists assessed the site and identified the following areas that required improvement:

  • Inadequate access control at the main entrance gate
  • Lack of monitoring of common area activity
  • Inefficient pedestrian traffic monitoring
  • Outdated perimeter monitoring
CCTV security at secure estate cape town

With the client’s concerns in mind, the CCTV Technologies team put a full CCTV Surveillance solution together that was personalised by our CCTV Technologies engineers for our new partner and has been implemented with the installation of the latest Video Analytic Technology.

Our Solution included the following proactive steps:

  • 24/7 Perimeter Monitoring
  • 2 Way Communication on Perimeter
  • Light Activation on Perimeter
  • Security Guard House Presence
  • Pedestrian Entrance
  • Vehicle Entrance and Exit Overview
  • Facility Security Gates are closed at a certain time of night for security reasons.
  • Residential Panic Button Control
  • Remote Monitoring of Electric Fence
CCTV security Cape Town

The Benefits of CCTV Security for Secure Estates

After a few short weeks in operation, our gated community saw an immediate improvement in safety, security and resident’s confidence. With this renewed confidence given to our partner in crime prevention the CCTV Surveillance solution continues to improve the secure estate’s safety and performance.

The CCTV Technologies Team continues to monitor the premises and perimeter with its state-of-the-art Control Room, which uses a revelatory rotation system.
The Rotation system ensures that the highly trained CCTV Technologies Staff can identify and respond to events or situations quickly and efficiently.  

CCTV Technologies continues to use Video Analytics to monitor the Facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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