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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring using our state-of-the-art control room to remote monitor your CCTV system

What you can protect with our CCTV Monitoring Service

CCTV Technologies uses advanced video analytics to protect Secure estate & Sectional Title Schemes, Commercial Buildings & Industrial Park; and Healthcare facilities

Prevent crime, increase safety and save on operational costs with the most advanced security solution.

Our team of Surveillance Security Specialists develop integrated systems which can deliver so much more value than an ordinary CCTV system. Our team use Video Analytics to monitor specific vulnerabilities to ensure that potential threats are detected early and neutralised before the point of escalation.

CCTV monitoring for Residential Estates
cctv monitoring

Manage your business remotely, streamline operations, increase staff productivity and secure your business assets!

With CCTV Technologies Video Analytics you can achieve a lot more than just a secure perimeter. We offer integrated systems that will not only keep your staff and your assets safe from outside threats but can also track and monitor the performance of your staff and the efficiency of your business operations!

Our CCTV systems use the very latest video analytics to only monitor and identify security risks, but also to assist nursing teams to provide high-quality care to their patients.

We are passionate about quality healthcare and have teamed up with some of the leading healthcare facilities in Cape Town to introduce a truly innovative way of using CCTV systems. We have developed a system that can predict patients medical requirements which alerts ons-ite nursing staff to attend to potential problems early creating a quality patient care that is unmatched

CCTV Technologies CCTV monitoring
People Counting CCTV Cameras
CCTV Technologies’ Video Analytics

We use the latest CCTV video analytics in order to detect potential threats early and neutralise volatile situations before they escalate. With CCTV Video Analytics we don’t watch crime, we prevent it!

Our CCTV Monitoring Systems

We offer a wide range of integrated surveillance security services using video analytics

cctv technologies CCTV Camera
Perimeter Monitoring
cctv technologies
Event-based Monitoring
CCTV Technologies monitoring
Live Camera Monitoring
Electric Fence Monitoring
Electric Fence Monitoring
Staff Monitoring
Staff Monitoring
CCTV Technologies staff monitoring
People Counting
CCTV Technologies staff monitoring
Stock & Dispensary Monitoring
CCTV Technologies staff monitoring
Access Control

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