CCTV For Healthcare Centres

With comprehensive CCTV systems designed for healthcare environments, we ensure the safety of patients, staff and the facility.

Solutions Overview

From monitoring patient areas, medical stock and facility perimeters, we deliver enhanced security and peace of mind.

What We Offer

Healthcare Support for Patients

Individualised Care

Quick response when an incident occurs, preventing serious injury and aiding in recovery.
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Risk Prevention

Grid line technology alerts the off-site control room, limiting risk and maximising patient safety.

Advanced Healthcare Support

Advanced camera analytic technology can detect if a patient has fallen or if they are at risk of falling.

Healthcare Support for Medical Teams

Live Remote Management

Quick medical team response to patients when alerted.

Medication Monitoring

Track the distribution of medication should an incident occur.

Medical Team Monitoring

Track the movements of critical medical personnel, ensuring efficiency and accountability.

Additional Healthcare Solutions

Access Control

Monitor authorised entry and exit access to the healthcare facility.
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Perimeter Monitoring

Detect suspicious activity and individuals, safeguard medical equipment, supplies, records, patients and staff.


Enhanced Patient Safety

By utilising advanced monitoring features such as fall detection and individualised care, our CCTV solutions help ensure the safety of patients, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Improved Staff Efficiency

Live monitoring and motion tracking functionalities enable healthcare staff to be monitored effectively, ensuring that medical rounds are completed on time and efficiently. This results in faster response times and improved patient care.

Prevention of Theft and Unauthorised Access

With features like dispensary monitoring and access control, our CCTV solutions help prevent theft of medical supplies and unauthorized access to restricted areas, safeguarding valuable resources and sensitive information

Peace of Mind for Patients and Staff

The presence of comprehensive CCTV systems provides peace of mind to both patients and staff, knowing that their safety and security are being actively monitored and protected.

Remote Monitoring and Management

With off-site monitoring capabilities, healthcare administrators can remotely monitor facility operations and respond to incidents in real-time, even when off-site.

Customisable Solutions

Our CCTV solutions can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each healthcare facility, ensuring that they receive a customised security and monitoring solution that meets their unique challenges and concerns.

Take control of your Health Centre's Security with tailored CCTV solutions

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