CCTV for Gated Communities

Our advanced CCTV Camera and Monitoring solutions are specifically designed for Secure Estates, Sectional Title Schemes, and Gated Communities to protect your loved ones and secure your assets.

Solutions Overview

From monitoring entry points to securing common areas and perimeters, our CCTV solutions provide complete coverage for your estate, ensuring the safety of residents and property.

What We Offer

Access Control

Monitor and control access to your gated community with our CCTV cameras. Keep an eye on who enters and exits the premises, enhancing security and peace of mind for all residents.

Security Management

On-the-ground security teams can be supported and monitored using our cutting-edge CCTV cameras with advanced video analytics technology. Onsite security is expensive and, if left unmanaged, can be ineffective. With our CCTV technologies, you will have no more sleeping on the job!
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Perimeter Monitoring

Secure the perimeter of your estate with our advanced CCTV technology. Detect and deter intruders, trespassers, and suspicious activities, providing an additional layer of protection for the community.
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24/7 Offsite Monitoring

Our dedicated control room provides 24/7 surveillance of your premises, offering peace of mind knowing that trained professionals are vigilantly monitoring your apartment building at all times.


Enhanced Security

Our CCTV solutions offer round-the-clock monitoring, deterring intruders and providing timely alerts for swift response to any security threats, keeping your community and residents safe.


Visible CCTV cameras act as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders, reducing the risk of break-ins and theft, and enhancing the overall security of your gated community.

Peace of Mind

Providing peace of mind knowing that your estate and community is always under watchful eyes.

Efficient Security Management

Support and monitor on-the-ground security teams effectively with advanced video analytics, ensuring all duties are carried out efficiently and reducing unnecessary security expenses.

Other Scenerios

Protect your gated community and its residents with our advanced CCTV solutions.

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