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CCTV Company in Cape Town

CCTV company in Cape Town, CCTV Technologies has been preventing crime for more than a decade.

We incorporate specialized intelligence solutions to aid businesses in optimizing efficiency and reducing risk.

Affordable Real-Time Off-Site Security Solutions

Our CCTV Company in Cape Town provides security solutions that will protect your assets and reduce your risk. Whether you need monitoring of your business, residential estate, healthcare facility or your home, our state-of-the-art remote CCTV monitoring facility has the skilled personnel and services needed to fulfil your unique requirements. We offer tailor-made solutions to accommodate all your security needs.

CCTV Company for all your Surveillance needs in Cape Town

CCTV Technologies offers an independent off-site accredited control centre, where our skilled staff are continuously monitoring, allowing for appropriate, proactive intervention. By using our remote monitoring service and AI-powered Video Analytics technology we assist in deterring intruders and contacting the relevant authorities.

We Have a "Double-Knock" System

Our Double-Knock System enhances event detection and reduces false alarms. By integrating existing on-site electric fencing with our state-of-the-art off-site monitoring control room, we double the detection accuracy. That’s why we call it a Double-Knock System. The additional fail-safes in this system also allows our clients to reduce on-site security personnel and operational costs without compromising on safety.
This is why CCTV Technologies is the number 1  CCTV Company in Cape Town.

Our Community Partners and Affiliates

CCTV Technologies is committed to Resourcing and Equipping our local community organizations with industry insights and specialized CCTV systems which are used to create safer environments for Neighbourhood Watches and Residents.

Our CCTV Specialists regularly attend meetings with various Community Police Forums, Improvement District Companies and Neighbourhood Watch Organizations. We do this so that we can stay up to date with the latest news and crime statistics in order for us to provide the best quality surveillance services to our clients.

We also attend these meetings in order for us to identify potential needs and requirements of these various organizations so that we can assist them in keeping their communities safe.

Frequently Asked Questions CCTV Technologies

Yes, a stable and high-speed fibre connection allows for the opportunity to transfer data between the cameras and control centre with ease. It is recommended getting in touch with a local ISP like Faircom Fibre for high-speed fibre installation

CCTV Technologies is able to notify and coordinate with the appropriate law enforcement and armed response units in the event of a breach of security.

As an additional deterrent to intruders, we place high visibility signage at key location on the properties we surveil. This is more than just signage to showcase the service, but it is an initial deterrent for potential intruders to warn them that this property is protected and secured by CCTV Technologies.

As an additional deterrent to intruders, we place high visibility signage at key locations on the properties we surveil. This is more than just signage to showcase the service, but it is an initial deterrent for potential intruders to warn them that this property is protected.

We work with any of the appropriate armed response units in your areas. Some of the private security companies we coordinate with are ADT, CHUBB, Fidelity and Securitas.

Yes, CCTV us an effective deterrent against burglars and intruders. This is especially true of cases where suspects are aware of the fact that they are being recorded and monitored. Highly visible signage indicating that an area is under surveillance can help. Our 24/7  Control room can monitor your cameras and respond before a criminal act occurs.

We source only the highest value hardware for our camera surveillance solutions. That means being brand agnostic. We constantly survey the landscape of available hardware and select the items which deliver high performance without breaking the bank.

Properly installed CCTV systems that utilize quality hardware do not require frequent maintenance. Surveillance hardware that is exposed to the elements (outdoors) or is in a dusty environment like a car park should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis.

All recorded footage is available for your viewing for a period of no less than 5 days (can be increased upon request) unless it has been earmarked as evidence. You can easily access your footage using the Hik-Connect mobile app (HIKVISION) on Android or Apple or desktop software that is readily available.

Video analytics is a type of AI-powered software that uses advanced algorithms to interpret visual data. It interprets surveillance footage in real-time to detect suspicious behaviour and notifies monitoring staff to investigate further.

AI-based video analytics improve camera security by improving CCTV monitoring efficiency. Video analytics serve as the first line of defence to detect suspicious behaviour for monitoring staff to verify. It reduces false alarms, improves detection accuracy, and speeds up response time.

Securing the perimeter of a property, such as a complex or gated community, involves a physical barrier such as a wall or fence. These barriers can be easily breached or scaled by intruders. Additional countermeasures such as electric fencing, lighting, and cameras can help to ensure your continued safety.

Perimeter security camera networks include different types of cameras and lens types. These cameras and lens types are selected specifically for the scenario to provide comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive security camera network for a property perimeter includes pan & tilt cameras, dome cameras, and infrared cameras.

Healthcare facilities are required to have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to manage patient safety. Surveillance cameras help to deter staff misconduct and protect access-restricted areas such as those holding medicines. Additionally, special training and procedures must be in place with your chosen off-site surveillance service provider to ensure proper patient confidentiality is maintained.

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