Crime Statistics in Cape Town – How CCTV Technologies can keep you safe.

increase in crime in south africa

CRIME STATISTICS IN CAPE TOWN – CCTV TECHNOLOGIES How CCTV Technologies can help prevent crime Over the last year, in South Africa, the crime rate has increased. In 2020, South Africa’s crime rate was reported to be 33.46%. The most frequent crime experienced by South African households is housebreaking, with more than 983 000 households […]

CCTV Technologies – CCTV Camera and Monitoring Services

CCTV Camera and monitoring

CCTV TECHNOLOGIES – LEADING THE WAY IN CCTV CAMERA AND MONITORING SERVICES IN THE WESTERN CAPE CCTV Cameras and Monitoring Services in the Western Cape CCTV Technologies offers trusted CCTV Cameras and Monitoring Services to communities within the Western Cape and that is why we acknowledge how important it is for our customers and clients […]

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