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Business Security: A comprehensive guide

Secure your business from Physical & Digital Threats

Business security is more important than ever before. This comprehensive guide will help you to secure your business from both physical and digital threats.

Physical Threats

  • Perimeter Security
  • Access Control
  • Onsite Security
  • Employee theft


Digital threats

  • Protect your  information
  • Educate your team on email Phishing
  • Password protect everything
Business Security

Physcial Business Security

Setting up physical security is one of the most crucial components of your company’s success if you’re a business owner. Many people are under the false impression that site security is as simple as installing a lock, key, or combination on the doors of your business. Even while they are important and very effective systems, they do not represent the complete picture. In order to prevent security risks for your company, you must incorporate more robust security measures.

Perimeter Business Security

Perimeter security incorporates the complete picture of securiing your premises from outside threats. This is your first line of defense against outside intruders. The latest CCTV technology uses video analytics and AI learning to detect threats early and keep your premises safe. The CCTV system is monitored remotely and therefore is a very cost-effective first response system.
Perimeter security would also include measures like electric fencing and electric fence monitoring.

Access Control

Access control is often times incorporated in perimeter security, but for larger businesses with multiple offices and access points, access control becomes increasingly important.
Access points are monitored using electronic key tags or biometrics.
Did you know that you can integrate your indoor CCTV with your access control systems for an even safer and more efficient line of defence?

Onsite Business Security

This security measure is possibl;y the most obvious when discussing business security. Most businesses around the world will have security teams onsite, especially after hours, to secure the perimeter and report suspicious activity.

Onsite security comes at a big cost but by using montiong tracking CCTV technology, business owners are able to monitor security staff more efficiently and employee smaller tems without compromising on security strength.

Employee Theft

Did you know that, 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer and that 90% of all significant theft losses come from employees?

Employee theft is a big threat to business and one of the most devastating. Stock monitoring systems along with an effective motion-detecting CCTV system will help negate much of the internal threat that employees can pose.

Business Security

Digital Threats to Your Business Security

Never before have corporate budgets for cybersecurity been so large with such a low return on investment. Therefore, a complete rethink is necessary.

Traditional cybersecurity models were created at a time when addressing risks primarily involved locking down a certain perimeter and responding to incidents after they occurred. This strategy not only had trouble succeeding back then, but it is now permanently destined to go.

Protect your information

To safeguard both your company’s data and your customers’ data, make sure there are few ports of entry. Create firewalls. Keep backups of your data offsite so that you can swiftly restore them in the event of a hack. Only provide those who need access to your data permission.

Business Security

Educate your team on Phishing

Your weakest digital entrance point is emails. Most of the time unintentionally, your staff are to blame for this. Make sure you have software that checks your email for viruses and links that could be harmful. Make sure your staff is informed about typical phishing techniques and other email scams. Encourage them, for instance, to inquire about any questionable emails and to never open links or attachments unless they are certain they are safe.

Password protect everything for better business security

To deter hacking, passwords should not only be difficult but also routinely changed by staff members. Implementing two-factor authentication may also be advantageous for highly sensitive programs that may contain a lot of priceless data. Consider adopting a password management system to prevent the use of simple passwords if you or your staff members have trouble remembering passwords.

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