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Access Control and CCTV systems

Access Control and CCTV systems

Access Control and CCTV systems

Access control and CCTV systems can now be integrated thanks to new technology available in the video analytics industry.
Security companies around South Africa, and in particular Cape town, have had to rethink their access control security strategies due to the increase in break-ins and violent crime.

What is Access Control?

Access control systems are electronic systems (using key tags or biometrics) that automatically grant access to authorised personnel to enter through a secure portal.

This limits the need for security staff to review and validate the authorisation of the person entering the portal.

A security portal is a door, turnstile, gate or passageway that creates an entry point in a security boundary.

How can Access Control and CCTV systems Integrate?

Access Control is used to prevent intruders from entering a building or specific rooms. 

CCTV  is used for 24/7 surveillance to visually identify security threats.
Therefore the two security controls have a very natural way of integrating.

Integration is achieved by installing IP cameras at various access points to record when people are entering or leaving.
The IP camera produces a timestamp that can then be cross-referenced with the access control credentials of authorised persons. 

Any unauthorised persons who attempt to gain entry are detected by the IP camera system and the security portal is shut down.
This ultimately restricts access and the unauthorised person will not gain access. The control room is alerted and can send on-site officials to escort the unauthorised person from the premises.

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How Access Control prevents tailgating

Integrating Access Control and CCTV technologies can detect and prevent tailgating. Tailgating occurs when the authorised person enters the security portal but is followed by several other, non-authorised persons before the portal closes.

CCTV alone cannot prevent this from happening and many older systems won’t detect this. However, integrating CCTV and Access control with video analytics will not only detect tailgating but can close the security portal in the event of attempted tailgating.

Benefits of integrating Access Control and CCTV systems

Increased security, not only for personal but also for your company and personal assets is the major benefit of Access control and CCTV security solutions.

The use of Video Analytics makes the overall security more proactive and less dependent on “reactive security management”.

Automating your access control using video analytics also reduces the need for on-site security. Which not only saves you money but also increases your safety and security.

Integrated Access control systems are easy to use and rely less on traditional ‘manpower’ to keep your premises secure from break-ins.

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